Men’s vagina and chastity

There are literally hundreds of suppliers of chastity products out there many are companies that are here today and nowhere to be found the next. There are all different levels of quality too. You could spend thousands of dollars on custom chastity cages but if you know where to look you can find incredibly high quality custom quality cages for under a hundred dollars. The fact is there is little difference in the price of a super high quality cock cage and one that is so flimsy it might not last a week. One of the biggest problems is many companies are just drop shipping from China. There are some high quality cages made there but there are many more poor quality ones, are you willing to waist your money on those cages or worse yet never receive your product? One of the best suppliers I have found is That’s a crazy name for a company that offers the world’s largest selection of chastity products under one roof and they are all in stock at their warehouse in Los Angeles. They have been around for over thirty years supplying some truly amazing male chastity devices along with the world’s most extreme men’s swimwear and male to female transformation designs. The swimwear came first and thus the name but make sure to visit the Male Chastity Store on their site. The micro cock cages are my personal favorites and the ones I enjoy wearing the most. They actually offer the world’s smallest male chastity device called the “Castrate” which make me look like I have no penis and locks up what I do have for safe keeping until my Mistress sets me free.

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