You can experience a vagina.

Men’s vagina is a new site all about male to female transformation using spandex creations and latex creations to virtually erase your penis and replace it with a realistic looking vagina. Our spandex suits especially our male to female transformation swimsuits are designed to be used on any beach and no one would ever guess there is anything under that cute little bikini, thong or micro shorts other than a vagina, there is no hint what so ever of the wearer having a penis. They are absolutely beautiful and a joy to wear. Men’s Vagina is geared to more than the transgender and cross-dresser communities though they are an extremely important and active part of our customer base. We are also extremely interested in cultivating the market for men who are interested in getting in touch with their feminine side. We have found there are many men that enjoy visiting their feminine side. Short of surgery there are no options nearly as amazing as our suits and our strap-on vagina to bring the women out of you.